8 Things That Make You Look Old Early

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The way you look and feel as you get older is dependent, to a large degree, on the choices you make in how you live while you’re younger. That means, kicking out bad habits today, that could be a threat to your well being tomorrow. Below are 8 things that you should avoid to prevent looking old early.


It’s no secret that smoking is terrible for you as far as your health goes, but, did you know that it’s not so great for your looks either? Studies have shown that smoking not only increases your risk for heart and lung disease which ultimately shorten your life, but smoking can also activate enzymes that cause the elasticity of your skin to break down, so even if you’re a closet smoker, those fine lines and the paleness that cigarettes cause are not fooling anyone — another reason to put out those smokes for good.

‘Get slim quick’ Diets

Who among us can truthfully say that they have never wanted to drop a few of those extra kg’s to look good for Summer or that photo shoot coming up? Like most things today, you want it now, however, the ‘quick fix’ is never a good idea, in fact, research has shown that in doing so, you can actually feel older, as your energy levels reduce, your concentration gets messed up, and you  can become depressed and feel irritable. Crash dieting can also bring about sagging and wrinkles, because aged skin has less elasticity, allowing for no time to adjust to the weight loss. Managing your weight is important for your health even more so the older you are, so try to remain within 800g to 1kg of weight loss a week.

Not enough sleep

You may have the notion that as you get older you might not require as much sleep, but experts say, seven to eight hours every night, is still needed for optimal health, especially with seniors. A lack of sleep can cause you to function less optimally the following day, as well as the possibility of leading to the door of weight gain, another hitch in your senior years. If you’re jumping into bed at a decent hour, yet still feel as if you’re dragging throughout your day, see your doctor and rule out any possible sleep disorders, which are quite common among seniors.

Not having Fruits and Vegetables

As you get older you do need to consume fewer calories, however, if you still want that spring in your step as well as a healthy ageing glow, then those calories need to be coming from good, nutritious sources. A junk or meat-and-potatoes heavy diet isn’t going to cut it. Experts suggest that the bright and colourful fruits and vegetables are the best sources. Be sure to include lots of fish for those healthy omega-3 fatty acids and plenty of fibre from those whole grains.


Yes, you read right. Life is far too short and precious a thing to be holding on to things like old grudges. Learning to let go and forgive may add a couple more years to your life as well as free up that space once held by the said grudges allowing for other, hopefully, more productive things to fill the space (You might even find fewer wrinkles from all that frowning.) Studies have shown that forgiveness leads to a far better physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being, as well as other benefits like lower blood pressure, less depression and less stress and anxiety.


Nothing can make you feel older like a big helping of stress in your life. Studies have shown that getting rid of stress can help you keep your mind young and avoid cognitive impairment. Identify the stressors in your life and whether it’s through meditation or exercise find a way or ways to avoid them or to calm their effects on you.

Being a couch potato

Physical activity is a healthy ageing necessity to keep many things away, from heart disease to stress, one of the main reasons to keep exercising though, is for the prevention of injury. Mobility limiting injuries are potentially life-threatening blows to senior health, as research done shows that even just a 30-minute walk three times a week can lower your risk of a fall, which happens to be the leading cause of disabling injuries in older people, so get up and go. Go. Go.


You might have heard that a little bit of drinking is good for senior health, but the meaning of a ‘little bit’ changes as you get older. According to the AGS (American Geriatrics Society), any more than a single drink a day for an older male and half a one for an older female can be too much. Cognitive decline can come about with excessive alcohol consumption and may cause one to fall. Alcohol can also interfere with some medications, so ask your doctor how much alcohol, if any, is safe to intake.

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