The Best and Worst Foods for Acne

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The Worst


The more milk you consume, the more probable it is you’ll have acne – even more so if it’s skim milk. Researchers are still trying to make sense of why this is, though have suggested it could be as a result of the hormones produced whilst the cow is pregnant, which end up in their milk. People who have larger amounts of said hormones in their blood, are generally more likely to breakout with acne.

Sugar and Some Carbs

Yup. This shouldn’t really come as a surpprise, if your diet largely consists of foods and drinks such as starchy white breads, white rice, cake and sodas, the more likely you are to have acne. The sugar and carbs in these foods tend to get into your blood rather quickly, meaning that they sit fairly high up on the glycemic index – a measure of how foods will effect your blood sugar, and when your body has to produce more insulin to lower your blood sugar levels, it effects other hormones which can boost the oil production in your skin.


Unfortunately yes, I wish it weren’t so either, but it’s true. Some studies have shown that eating more chocolate can result in one being far more likely to getting pimples, although it’s not clear as to why. Cocoa, the key ingredient, doesn’t seem to be the reason. In a study conducted within two groups, one group of people ate chocolate with 10 times more cocoa than the other; the result, they were no more likely to getting pimples than those who had the regular chocolate. Dark chocolate, with less sugar and milk, may be a little more effective if you’re trying to get your acne under control.

Oily Food, or is it?

Believe it or not, but It’s actually a common myth that eating oily foods will cause or worsen acne. If you spend a lot of time cooking it however, that’s where problems could arise, and you may notice your skin becoming

troublesome. This is because the oil from the fryer or other source can stick to you, clogging your hair follicles.

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